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GALFA Disability Project


Funding Level

In collaboration with the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (GALFA) we are funding joint research and pilot initiatives to explore issues for members of our community who have a disability.


over 2 years

In collaboration with Joy FM we are funding a project to raise aware of family options for members of our community. This project was built from our excitement in our privilege to have our 2 beautiful girls through domestic altruistic surrogacy but we hope for it to have a broader application.


over 2 years

Future Foundations

We provide program and operational support for this new and innovative program which provides young people who are at risk of disengagement from education with a chance to foster their creative skills.


over 3 years

Victorian Pride Centre

We are proud to be a major donor and supporter of the (currently under construction) Victorian Pride Centre. As the first of its type in Australia, we feel it represents a landmark shift in the way members of our community will be able to interact and express themselves.


over 20 years


We supported Switchboard in the establishment of a capacity building role with a focus on new and emerging funding sources (such as grants and donations) with a view to improving financial independence for the organisation.


over 2 years

Thorne Harbour Health (formerly VAC)

Provided funding support for a newly created women's health role.


over 2 years

Past & Present Projects

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